In case you get your own server, you will notice that server administration differs from shared Internet hosting account administration. The reason is that shared accounts are set up on physical servers, which are administered by the hosting provider, while in case you have a server of your own, the server administration tasks will be your duty. These include software installation procedures and updates, tracking and restarting procedures, etcetera., so in the event that you don't have much practical knowledge or you can't spend lots of time on this sort of tasks, feel free to use the administration services we offer with our server plans. These include a large number of hosting server management tasks that our system admins and tech support will take care of, so you can concentrate on creating and developing your Internet sites or on running marketing campaigns to attract more potential customers.
Administration Services in VPS Servers
You can use our optional services with each and every VPS server we offer, so that you will not have to manage an array of tasks. We can update the OS of your VPS irrespective of which one you've selected during the signup procedure; we are able to keep an eye on the efficiency of the server and reboot it in case there is a problem; we will keep a backup of all of the content that you upload on the web server; we can even conduct custom tasks such as installing third-party software or troubleshooting application problems - if the software doesn't work correctly. All these options can be included in your plan independently or concurrently, based upon what exactly you require and on just how much you wish to be involved in the web server administration process. This way, we're able to make virtual server management similar to shared web hosting account management, so you can take advantage of the resources and the capabilities of a standalone hosting server even in case you're less experienced.