The service uptime for every cloud hosting account is of considerable importance. If you’re using a server that has chronic issues and your site is not available for long periods of time, it is more likely that site visitors will not return. Assuming you have an online store, for instance, it will mean lost customers and less revenue. Your sites might even get penalized by search engines like yahoo with lower rankings regardless of how good their content is. To prevent such a scenario, you should always make certain that the hosting service you receive is stable. That way, the success of your website will depend only on its content and your advertising campaigns and won't be affected by hosting-related issues that you've got no control over.
Service Uptime Guarantee in Cloud Hosting
With a cloud hosting account through our company, you will be able to enjoy 99.9% server uptime. We've essentially eliminated the downtime since we use an innovative cloud hosting platform and we do not handle everything on a single server as the majority of service providers do. Instead, we run every single service on an individual set of servers, so your files, email messages, databases, etcetera, are going to be managed by different servers. This way, we can also balance the load way more efficiently and guarantee the stable operation of your web sites at all times. The availability of the web servers is ensured by several backbone Internet providers and diesel-powered backup generators, so your internet sites will be functioning no matter what. We also have admins monitoring the servers 24 / 7, including weekends and holidays, and they will deal with any unanticipated issue that might show up.
Service Uptime Guarantee in VPS Servers
If you get a Virtual Private Server from us, we guarantee that the physical hosting server your account is created on will be up and running a minimum of 99.9% of the time. While we cannot control what you’ll do with your Virtual Private Server and what you install on it, we are going to ensure that the main hosting server is going to work 24/7 with no disturbances. Our facilities have redundant Internet providers and backup power generators to guarantee the constant work of all servers placed there. If you experience a difficulty with any virtual server on the physical one, we've got a crew of qualified administrators to resolve it in a very timely manner and to make sure that the other VPS server accounts in that server aren't going to be affected. We use only new, diligently tested hardware components for all the web servers where new virtual accounts are set up.