Memcached is a widely used distributed memory caching platform, which can accelerate the speed and the overall performance of your websites significantly in case they use an API or a database. This is accomplished by caching the calls to the database/API and the responses that are delivered, so if a user searches for a given product on your website, for instance, the database will not have to be accessed to return the results and the whole procedure will be performed much faster. This is valid for all kinds of database-driven applications and not only for online shopping portals, since anytime a specific page is opened, the application sends a query to its database to get the data that should be shown. With Memcached, not only will your website load considerably faster, but it will also produce much less load. If any data in the database is changed, the cached responses will also be updated, so the users will not see any old info.
Memcached in Cloud Hosting
Memcached is offered as an upgrade with each cloud hosting package offered by us and in case you’d like to use it for any script-based Internet site that you host on our cutting-edge cloud web hosting platform, you will be able to order it in a couple of easy steps via your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. In the meantime, you will be offered the option to upgrade two different things – the instances and the system memory. The first one refers to the number of the websites that can use the Memcached distributed memory caching system simultaneously, so if you need it for several Internet sites, you can order a handful of instances. The second one has to do with the maximum amount of memory that the system will be allowed to use in order to cache data, so for numerous websites (or for one resource-absorbing site), you may want to order more memory for better performance. The memory is offered in increments of 16 MB and more memory can be ordered at any moment. With Memcached, every script-driven site hosted on our cloud servers will open amazingly fast.
Memcached in VPS Servers
If you order a VPS server from our company, you will be able to use Memcached at no additional price, as the distributed memory caching platform is available with all VPS servers that are ordered with the Hepsia hosting Control Panel. Even if you run data-heavy Internet sites, you can boost their performance without efforts and the lowered load on the server will allow you to keep using your current VPS plan instead of migrating to a more powerful one. The amount of system memory that the Memcached caching platform can use to cache information depends on the package that you’re using, but even with a lower-end one, you’ll have no less than several hundred megabytes, which is significantly more than what you’d get with a shared hosting plan, so the website performance boost will be significant. You can use Memcached with any database-powered web app, irrespective of whether you have set it up on your own or you’re using a ready-for-use one such as Joomla, OpenCart or WordPress.