A data center is a facility that keeps a lot of hosting servers. The machines can be employed for numerous purposes - web hosting, file and picture storage, computing, etc. All bigger firms that offer online services have their servers in one or several data centers as such a facility can provide the desired conditions and security for the info kept on the hosting servers. This includes environmental adjustments for the temperature and humidity so as to guarantee the maximum performance and long life of the web servers, backup power generators, hardware monitoring and last, but not least, physical protection as to make certain that your information can't be accessed by an unauthorized third-party. A badly performing data center can easily undermine the services a business offers.
Data centers in Cloud Hosting
Our cloud hosting servers are stored in five of the largest data centers around the globe situated in Chicago (USA), London (UK), Pori (FI), Sofia (BG) and Sydney (AU). We offer the same standard of service everywhere as our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform is available in all five of them, but for your convenience, you'll be able to choose the one you wish. The continuous operation of your Internet sites will be guaranteed by highly effective diesel backup generators and a number of backbone ISPs which each of the facilities uses within the specific country. The data centers have professional tech support teams which monitor all servers 24/7 and due to the fact your sites shall be hosted on our advanced cluster platform, you can be certain that you'll enjoy quick and consistent service all the time. All five facilities can be found on the order page, so you'll be able to choose the one closest to you or to your targeted region.
Data centers in VPS Servers
We provide KVM-based VPS servers in all different locations in order to offer you a choice to obtain an account within the most suitable one based on the region you want to target. The incredible loading speeds and continuous access to your sites are guaranteed by using redundant Tier-3 ISPs, while the continuous functioning of the servers is ensured by powerful diesel generators and a separate enterprise-class UPS attached to each of our servers. The data centers also use last gen network devices and any problems that may appear are handled by expert on-site tech support teams. By keeping our servers in these exceptional facilities, we are able to spend more time and efforts to offer you a larger far better range of services for your websites.